did some weird things my life  and some of them resulted in me having Archons infesting my astral body and more…so i went out and found a way of getting rid of the nasty parasites which are like worms…..they feed off light energy and they hate turning the chakras and body dark , ie visualizations….eg..visualize body and chakras being obsidian black…. putting the worms or Archons into a hexagon shaped box and tossing them into the sun or black hole..and u will be clean….do it for body and all body chakras and also for the aura……

working with light to remove parasites…do it and u will be much better off…

don’t forget to go back to your light chakaras when u are done….

brown leg ground, to red, to orange, to yellow,  to green/pink, to light blue to indigo, to to violet…..all these are the colors of the energy chakras in the kundalini of the human body…work them and keep them nice and clean…




had some nasty archons in my astral body/aura etc…so went to this site and used her cleansing techniques…it worked…

check her out and please cleanse yourself asap..and keep doing it…..astral travelers will be infected every time…so keep clean….


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